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Ellen page beyond two souls nude shower scene

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Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Saw the images online and I was underwhelmed. Nicci pisarri naked. Darji Follow Forum Posts: Just like has been on the internet for years now. The images first showed up on Reddit earlier this month, but the original imgur album containing them has since been emptied.

Bring back the main forum list. Ellen page beyond two souls nude shower scene. Any more than any other actor using a body double during a nude scene. I expect this will probably be the last we ever hear about it publicly but I find cases like this around digital law really fascinating. The only thing I could possibly find fault in here is if they had an agreement regarding this and it was broken. This video has an invalid file format.

It does for me. Convincing a girl to fuck. Evidence first, then judgement. Being contained on the disc does not give you the legal right to rip the file out and use it elsewhere, that's what copyright is protecting them against you doing.

I don't even want to mention this story to people who I know that don't follow games because, honestly, it's shameful. She may have been aware of a shower scene in the game, but was under the impression that the scene would not depict anything explicit. To wit, the top of the screenshots say the game is running with a "QA menu," as in 'quality assurance' activated and that the free camera is set to "true. Ofcourse, I can imagine Sony using their full legal might to stop the power of the internet once again or bully it into submission.

News Reviews Guides Culture Forums. If anything, I think this will be interesting if she DOES sue them, as it would give celebrities the firepower to sue a lot of porn sites out there that post fake celebrity nudes.

Without knowing her personally, i'd like to believe that her no nudity clause is more about class than her not being comfortable with her body.

All publicity involving Ellen Page naked is good publicity as they say Seriously do you really think that Ellen is that naive not to know about this stuff? That makes no sense given the fact that she undresses in these scenes as well It's nothing special to be honest but that's not the point anyways.

It's cool that so many celebrities are starting to get involved in the medium and sometimes delivering great voice acting. There comes a point in these kind of negotiations, I gather, where you may have to put your own artistic vision to the side namely full frontal nudity of the actress perhaps to get the famous and respected actress to agree to act in your game.

Brodehouse Follow Forum Posts: Assuming you believe her contract with this game had 'no nudity' which the way I've heard her contract explained since all this it sounds pretty universal and used across all media.

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I could recall there being a top down shower shot in the Navajo chapter and it's not there post patch. Sexy naked girls with huge tits. Did QD have a reasonable expectation that no one would have been able to access that content? Has nothing to do with the gender of the individuals, you've made it about gender.

It is not a scandal to me. If Ellen Page had in her contract that her nude body would not be shown, and she would not be shown on a nude body, then absolutely, this is pretty cut-and-dry.

Removing something like this form the internet So I couldn't even see this case through the idea that most people believe that she actually got naked and that that would carry some negative impact on her.

And only on the basis that she has a non nude policy in her movies. Yo y'all are crazy. Speaking of, Lars von Trier has a new film coming out called Nymphomaniac that, as you might imagine, is all about sex.

Most of all, we try to create an emotion, to make players live something strong and unique, which remains an ambitious challenge in a video game. A better Escapist Magazine. Ellen page beyond two souls nude shower scene. I wouldn't be surprised if people started labeling this as a good example of developers abusing actors and models by filling in the blanks they didn't say at the contract or paid for. It has nothing to do with some guy in the office wanted to make a joke or have fun but it is totally normal.

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Does it seriously matter if they use a fake body? All of her work was done in performance capture gear. Naked sailing videos. These pictures are more comparable to erotic fan art or photoshopping than to nude pictures. After showing Nathan that his refusal to let them go is only making them suffer, Jodie tries to leave, only to be held in captivity by the CIA—the organisation has deemed her too dangerous to be freed.

You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. OK I have no idea why this is controversial, It's just a video game model. Obviously once they've made it as far as Reddit, you'll never ever be able to truly get rid of even a small percentage of them, but it seemed logical that Sony was freaking out.

Pie Follow Forum Posts: Sony is working madly to scrub fully-nude images of Ellen Page's Beyond: I'm pretty shocked people are actually arguing over who is right here. San Andreas' Hot Coffeesomething which resulted in the game receiving an Adults Only rating until the content -- a scrapped sex mini-game -- was removed by Rockstar. Retrieved 7 November Please enter your date of birth to view this video January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Year Well what people are saying is that they used the nude model and then from there blacked or "censored" parts of it.

After Nathan shuts down the containment field, the three chase after him into the heart of the Black Sun, with the intent of destroying it.

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