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On April 13,she became the first woman to win a UFC fight by technical knockout.

As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot.

Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu [1]. She started the whole feud. Anna faris naked house bunny. Fine, I can respect that it might have been an accident. Caraway said it was "total lies and BS". Cat zingano nude. Wtf did my thread turn into? Ronda posed for a fitness magazine, its not meant to get people off. Ive always just found her attractive. MMA comments other discussions 1. Lakewood, ColoradoUnited States. It's not like she was kinda beating people or had any close wins.

Please whitelist TheSportster or disable your ad blocker to continue. Briana evigan naked pics. Guess what suddenly Ronda Rousey was a victim. Most everyone was fine with Ronda before that. Playboy is sexualised imagery, its pornography. Not for the long term for the UFC and especially not for the viewers.

But Ronda is the same way and the sub loves her. I was just saying that theres a market for it im sure you would agree since you obviously see the comments on her pics that would probably make someone some decent side money for Cat or Felice if they so chose.

She's a blonde bombshell with a fantastic face whose positive spirit seems infectious. It is what it is, so what all fighters boxers, mma, K1, etc. The Rousey hate train here was in full speed then. This was after the 1st I believe. I wouldn't mind them getting rid of WMMA altogether. I'm surprised no one can imagine that after an extremely fast paced round that tate could in fact been tired and accidentally did that?

Cat zingano nude

Man was that fight was awesome. Sex escort meaning. Anyone happen to know? Learn More Have an account? That's where their hate started but it's obvious that Tate has always been the reason. For all she knew, she poked her in the eye. Best way to get your opponent pissed off and determined to kick your ass, unless they get in a blind rage and make stupid mistakes.

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Her reign as champion was short-lived, however, as she suffered the first loss of her career just a few months later via submission in the championship match against Tate.

Tate was playing devil's advocate regarding comments that Rousey made about ring girls showing off their body in Playboy, and then Rousey herself showing off her body in ESPN. The best lesbian strapon videos. Learn More Have an account? I can imagine having your claim to fame being someone's partner to be kinda humiliating.

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You know, it really freaked me out because it was like, man, I am my son's only parent. There could be words or punches exchanged, or, as you'll see in one photo on this list, a dance-off. Joe Rogan said before every fight they get a summary sheet for every fighter. Okay, maybe we shouldn't have used the word "intense" to describe the previous weigh-in staredown, because if there was ever an intense stare down it was between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, who had quite a rivalry leading up to their first bout in the UFC at UFC - Weidman vs.

Amanda Nunes is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC these days and, regardless of her sexuality she's a role model to young LGBT youth and is dating fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroffshe's easily one of the most beautiful women in the company. Cat zingano nude. If she can't make the money she needs fighting, then it's time to get a job.

I'll say say it again. Respectable - I give her that. She started the whole feud. Nude in indian girls. That never sat well with me. Oh and the feet lovers too. Someone like Cat of Felice should be able to pull in thousands a month from the sick fucks out there.

Morpheus - bungee up - Dreville79 - jiujitsujosh - If she can't make the money she needs fighting, then it's time to get a job. Ketlen Vieira's top game too much for Cat Zingano". At the top right, you can open the file as a gif. Getty Images Rousey was a ridiculously dominant heading into the Holm fight. She attended Fairview High School Boulder, Colorado where she got involved with combat sports after joining the wrestling team.

Cat has looked sexy as hell before and I agree she needs to capatilize on her beauty! She defeated Damm by TKO in the second round. Wtf did my thread turn into? Buffer did announce lesnar as the former WWE heavyweight champ so it's not like we have to clear a path down that road.

No solution for her. Embarrassed nude video. Her hatred started off from jealousy but Ronda was doing her thing, and finishing fights like no other. Make no mistake, she had her way with Correia, but that's hard to gather from the photo above, given she seems more focused on putting forth her sexuality. She's the type to push buttons behind the scene and do subtle shit like this and then play the victim when people react. If she lands enough clean blows, Nunes has the power to knock out Rousey, but there is a downside to her explosive style:

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I'm sure that's something an announcer would be supposed to bring up. If I was in the top five and only making the money I make now I'd have serious questions. Korean tits gallery. Why would we we expect people to go into this sport and take on both of these burdens ". She should have been planning for this. Paula garc├ęs naked Cat just needs to remember although she is athletically as fuck, she's a a different animal when she goes into wrestling pound them out mode.

Ronda Rousey needs just 14 seconds to tap Cat Zingano". Her hatred started off from jealousy but Ronda was doing her thing, and finishing fights like no other. Tate's not a perfect human being, neither is Rousey. If the fighters get pat shit ; ultimately we end up with shit to watch. Cat zingano nude. For my part, I like Tate just fine, but if you do something like this, you fucking stop and say sorry, offer to help her up, etc.

Like many of the women fighters not named Rousey, VanZant, or Tate, Holly Holm doesn't get enough credit for her incredible body and pleasant face.

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