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Serena van der woodsen naked

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For those of you whom are unfamiliar with Gossip Girl or Audrey Hepburn, know that Blair Waldorf idolizes classic, old Hollywood glamour. This grey coat, over a plaid blazer that seemed coat-like on its own. Nude celeb pics 2014. New York is the fifth Gossip Girl! I still want to live out my Gossip Girl fantasies in New York, unrealistic as they may be, gallivanting on the Upper East side which turns out is kind of boring really, who'da thunk.

This fantastic bag with a blazer, slim cut jeans, knee-high boots, and a cleave-baring tee. Serena van der woodsen naked. Giving the illusion of spilled paint, the Georges Chakra gown is draped in dripping gold.

Yes, she is using Makeup Forever in this picture.

Serena van der woodsen naked

This fabulous cobalt military-styled coat. This tunic dress, which looked like it would be hellishly uncomfortable once you sat down. This cleavage-baring tight blue dress and necklace made out of Roman shields for very small legionaries. This top in a pretty color, which seems bunched around the armpits and shoulders. Liz Hurley on Gossip Girl Roundtable: Sometimes I put a few more defined curls in with a large barrel aka.

With a tuxedo lined in black and a sexy black ascot, Chuck Bass is winner of the white party apparel look. Free lesbian milf seduction videos. After an argument ensues between the two girls and Serena is reminded of the real reason she left the city, she goes on a drunken binge alone Desperately Seeking Serena. More Boarding School Serena, with grey and black houndstooth tights, covetable navy bag, and cranberry penny loafers.

Nothing screams power like a solid pants suit and a Chuck Bass grin, am I right? Chuck suggests they find Georgina and exact revenge, also noting that he lost his virginity to her in the sixth grade and believes she's a psycho.

This sack with a plunging V. Clearly a motif they were going for as some sort of campaign to make Serena the new Carrie Bradshaw. There was this gold brocade coat with an odd sweater-babydoll combo that looked strangely like nightwear worn as a tunic. Remember Cece giving Dan Humphrey the dressing-down he so richly deserved? Queen Margot aka 2 Reign 2 Furious Mr. The final touch is when Chuck Bass says those three words, eight letters—I love you.

This pretty-but-nothing-special lilac long sleeved tee, striped cardigan, and skinny jeans. Chuck's parents bail them out of jail and as a thank you present, Georgina's family gifts Chuck a monkey, which he names Sweetie. I am just going to say it now, hair is not my strong suit. Here is a new flashback paired with an actual flashback to the pilot. Again it is to bring out her blue eyes, and this to me is the major Diana throw back.

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Oh, but the Union Jack back is kind of cool.

Colour theory is crazy right? Games Movies TV Wikis. Champagne Sorrows — 10 — Beauty and the Feast Gossip Girl had a th episode party, and some of the actors came in character Screening Room: A few announcements about this site Will you be there? This very cute woolen jacket with epaulets and multiple zippers. Asian mom tits. This airy wrap dress and TWO chunky necklaces, which are utterly unpractical for interning at a production company.

Shadow This is where it get tricky. Blair Waldorf might be a bit harsh, but no one can deny that she is stylish. I am not crazy; you see it too right? This fabulous studded dress, with gold manicure to match. This rockabilly jacket with woollen accents. Remember Cece giving Dan Humphrey the dressing-down he so richly deserved? Van Der Woodsen is a queen.

Just throw it in your clutch, put on a fabulous dress and go to some high-society charity gala. This beautiful royal blue gown. Serena often wears a peach which is quite pretty an unexpected. This wrinkled grey cardigan, again.

Simpler times, you guys. Pics mature big tits. Serena van der woodsen naked. Chuck learns that Georgina is dating a prince in Switzerland and isn't coming after all. This tweed coat and slouchy hat. This royal purple wool coat and a gorgeous big tote. With hooker boots and plaid tights.

This yellow blouse, with sleeves tied up like bizarre kiddie balloons. Long but tiny shot. Daisy marie nude photos. You know you love me! I went with a Smashbox gloss, because it wears quite well in terms of lip gloss and doesn't migrate about your face, again because we, nor Serena have time for that. This cream dress with delicate accent beads on the hem and around her neck. Serena, Season 4 Look, we have a blog!

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This basic black getup.

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These sequins, like armor, for when she needed to lawyer up and get a divorce right, remember that time when Serena was married?

This positively conservative for Serena brown, black, and white dress. Not many people can pull off something as elaborate as a dress that has flowers, sparkles, gold, pastel and black all in one outfit. Indian sexy girl naked pic. Sexy candy cane chic. This striped shirt with… skinny… scarf… necklace… rope… thingie? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It is the kamakazi of face brushes; you can contour highlight and blush in a million ways. Jenna bush tits Yes, she wore this to the office. These two shiny satin pieces of fabric she wraps around her body like a blouse and skirt.

Champagne Sorrows — 4 — Defeat your opponents Screening Room: Every outfit that Lily Van Der Woodsen wears is flawless, especially this long-sleeved black dress with a Christian Dior clutch. Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. This unflattering white sweater dress with a light pattern of runs, accessorized with perfect hair. Champagne Sorrows — 11 — Working is Fun!

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