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If Zero can be considered a hero, he's definitely the best example of the series. Naked mature outside. Overview Comics About Aug 17, At first, Walker tried to lean into it, by even coming out with a book in about the criticism over Huxley….

For example, Corporal Yo notes Sarge's huge collection of food-related electronics before returning to his own room full of different electronics. Covering old comics, pulps, movies, babes of yore and esoteric trivia. Egypt, Country of Clay Latin America: I have always maintained I could kill the bare midriff fad all by myself — simply by adopting it. Miss buxley naked. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at drhermes webtv.

Sergeant Orville "Sarge" Snorkel: Left hanging another time, in one variation of a reused gag where Beetle overhears the guys planning to pull a prank on him by calling in pretending to be Sarge.

Sergeant Lugg from is Distaff Counterpart to Sarge, so what else could she be? Thanks to their conversation being heard by Halftrack on the phone while Beetle was searching for Sarge, several soldiers ruffed up Sarge and asks Halftrack who ended up stealing Sarge's seat where they should take Sarge, and Halftrack orders them to "take [Sarge] to the Dog Pound at the Pentagon. Beetle is slower than everyone else even when parachuting down from a plane.

General Halftrack's beautiful secretary. As said before, there's a rich cast of charactersbut here's a list of the ones most commonly seen: June 17, at I have just discovered her blog - she does a very good job of covering many of the same things that I blog on. What the heck are we supposed to do? Blip once remarks that no, the General probably isn't going to say anything about Ms.

And of course everybody, at some point, draws R-rated sketches of their characters. You know, maybe, so that we can make sure that there is no stimulation of any testosterone here, we should eliminate the comics altogether.

He also accidentally affects General Halftrack, but he doesn't "become" an animal: Buxley's pants being too tight, because it's hard to speak with your tongue hanging out. Lois and bonnie lesbian porn. All in 1 Access Join For Free! Froma poster of Camp Swampy's very own Miss Buxley as thousands of years of natural selection made her.

Hope you enjoy the site - mine - and come back and visit again. Games Movies TV Wikis. Perhaps more often, it's done the other way around, with three parties, not getting as far as the trope: Which can be a real problem, because he's also an inept boss. Anonymous on June 6th, Not much more ambitious than Beetle, but better at staying out of trouble. After searching around the camp, he reports that he can't find Sarge, but then Halftrack tells him that he knows where he is, causing Beetle to be baffled about why Halftrack wanted him to find Sarge when he already knew where he was.

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I've been putting up scans from old comics, pulps, men's magazines, paperbacks, ads and stills from obscure movies, pictures of babes of yore, all with my usual skewed commentary. Do lesbians masturbate. Yeah, he's been in the Army since the Korean War, it can't be the food.

That's because while Beetle was searching for Sarge, Sarge entered the room with Corporal Yo discussing getting front row seats for a Baseball game, and states to Yo to tell the General that he went to the Pentagon to look for a dog, with Yo joking that the General would believe anything. Circumstances, totally out of the control of this lovely Ken and Barbie couple, changed everything.

Wednesday, June 07, The no longer buxom Miss Buxley. Miss buxley naked. Beetle says that anyone would cry if they had such a bad flu as his. Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: If Beetle's seen in the comic with a friend, it's usually going to be him. When the general from the Pentagon lands, in the middle of their combat practice with rockets and ammunition flying all over the place, he's met with Otto barking at his helicopter, Zero dressed as a tree going around saying hi to everyone, Sarge running around happily yelling charge while carrying a sleeping Beetle over his head, the Major up to his neck in a mud pit, Lt.

Thanks for visiting, SAC! Not much more ambitious than Beetle, but better at staying out of trouble. In spite of everything, Sarge has his moments. I have just discovered her blog - she does a very good job of covering many of the same things that I blog on. Down syndrome girl naked. Lugg's cat Bella has a tough, nasty attitude. The biggest difference between them is that she's sexually aggressive, whereas he's afraid of women.

General Halftrack's beautiful secretary. Thanks, Honey, for pointing it out to me. The guy brandishing the hedge clippers is Pvt. The Foola Dumb Blond with buck teeth. Officers with the possible exception of Lt.

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The comic used to deal with military issues that were either somewhat relevant, or were funny to those who were already in the army. And isn't he the brother of Lois in 'Hi and Lois'? The only one who ever dares to tell him the truth is Ms. Best lesbian sex stories. Games Movies TV Wikis. The New Serieteket Italy: Constant between Sarge and Beetle and to some extent privates in general. He plays golf every afternoon, really enjoys his liquor, and spends a lot of time thinking about his secretary.

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The Girl and the Gorilla Belgium: Also other similar cases. Sexy streamer girls. Did looking at Miss Buxley get you excited? They actually sort of dated at one point, but the only explanation given to how that ever happened was that she forced him into it. However, papers began to receive so much criticism that they began to pull strips that had Huxley in them and some even dropped the strip entirely. Louise Lugg to Sgt. The Katzenjammer Kids survive thanks to enduring success in Europe.

Just Toying with Them: June 18, at 9: Flap returning to the scene in one of his trademark outrageous outfits, Cookie carrying a cake and singing happy birthday, and General Halftrack getting drunk in a torn and ragged uniform. Like killing a bull with his bare hands. Milf pics on tumblr Miss buxley naked. June 16, at 3:

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